Reflections & Future Vision

For the last challenge (Challenge #4 of the Great Waters Challenge), we are tasked with reading blogs of other folks in the challenge. Youth from across Canada have been blogging about their water stories - check out this awesome map of where they all are! Then, we are asked to creatively show our vision for … Continue reading Reflections & Future Vision

Walking Garrison Creek

On a cold and bright Sunday afternoon, I gathered nine friends to go for a walk along the former Garrison Creek. I wanted to share my excitement for discovering new things in the City, and also to hear from my friends about their connections to water. The day went like this: walk and tour along … Continue reading Walking Garrison Creek

Tribal village visits in Rajasthan

The last of our community visits were to tribal villages around Udaipur. These were facilitated by the NGO Wells for India. The main theme of Wells for India is about getting communities mobilized to solve and fund their own projects.  In the first village we visited, we met with farmers who had decided efficient and judicious ways … Continue reading Tribal village visits in Rajasthan