The Challenge of Bringing People Together – My Reflections on GWC #1

I wrote this for Waterlution's blog, and I'm just re-posting it here. Here is the original post. Thanks Waterlution for featuring my blog and for the GWC Level 1 prize!  “This is going to be easy!” was my first thought when I read about the Great Waters Challenge. It’s just writing some blog posts about … Continue reading The Challenge of Bringing People Together – My Reflections on GWC #1

Greening Exhibition Place

I recently participated in WEAO's 9th Annual Student Design Competition. The challenge was to come up with innovative stormwater management solutions for Exhibition Place, Toronto. "The Ex", as it's known locally, is a bunch of parking lots and buildings that house major events that attract thousand of visitors annually. The problems are: poor water quality … Continue reading Greening Exhibition Place

Reflections & Future Vision

For the last challenge (Challenge #4 of the Great Waters Challenge), we are tasked with reading blogs of other folks in the challenge. Youth from across Canada have been blogging about their water stories - check out this awesome map of where they all are! Then, we are asked to creatively show our vision for … Continue reading Reflections & Future Vision

Walking Garrison Creek

On a cold and bright Sunday afternoon, I gathered nine friends to go for a walk along the former Garrison Creek. I wanted to share my excitement for discovering new things in the City, and also to hear from my friends about their connections to water. The day went like this: walk and tour along … Continue reading Walking Garrison Creek