Here is a smattering of current & past projects relevant to my passions. They are from my past work, competitions, academia and more.


Started through AquaHacking 2017, CyanoSleuth is a hardware and software device that allows regular people to test their water to see if it’s safe to swim from algae toxins. We are actively working on developing the hardware side through collaborations. CyanoSleuth Primer.

Research at UofT in Green Infrastructure

I have conducted two short term studies so far. The first is using a weighing lysimeter to measure evapotranspiration at a bioretention cell in Vaughan, Ontario. The second is studying the soil and hydrologic properties of a system of old bioretention cells in southern Ontario and why they are “failing”. My research interests are bioretention cells (or rain gardens) and how existing older sites are functioning in the long term, and what factors have led to that. Exact PhD proposal forthcoming… but contact me if you’re interested in learning more!

Water Innovation Lab India

I was selected as one of 15 Canadians to participate in this international initiative from Waterlution and IC-Impacts. WILs get young leaders together to share and co-develop water innovations. I highly recommend this – learn more via Waterlution or from my blog.